Sweden Recognizes Palestine

The Anti-Israeli State of Sweden recognized Palestine

Many people are proud of where they grew up and their former home country, but for me, right now I am embarrassed of Sweden, the country I lived my first 19 years in. I am sure that I do not have to explain myself so much. Most of the world probably knows today that the new Swedish government with Stefan Löfven as Prime Minister is a disaster without any limitations. I believe that it is hard to find anywhere, except in Muslim countries, a more Islamic and anti-Israel government. We can see that in many ways. Sweden announced some time ago that they will recognize Palestine as a State and today, Thursday, they actually did it.

Mehmet Kaplan - Radical Islamistic Minister in the Swedisjh government

Mehmet Kaplan – Radical Islamistic Minister in the Swedisjh government


Except that, the Prime minister is one of the most incompetent politicians ever in Sweden. Sweden can also “pride” itself of having a minister that is an official radical Islamist, namely Mehmet Kaplan. As you can probably hear, he is not very Swedish. He came to Sweden as a refugee from Turkey and since he did not get a residence permit, he first stayed in Sweden as an illegal refugee. This rising star in the Swedish government was also part of the first Flotilla in May 2010. He has invited many high profile anti-Semites to speak in different Muslim forums and he gives Islamists legitimacy to what they are doing, since Europe does not want to integrate them. He is also famous for his involvement in many national and international Muslim organizations. Therefore, it was no surprise that he as a minister in the new Swedish government was pushing for the recognition of a Palestinian state.

Stefan Löfven - The Swedish Prime Minister

Stefan Löfven – The Swedish Prime Minister

The Swedish Prime minister Stefan Löfven is a person that probably most people ask how he was able to become the Prime minister in Sweden. His CV is not very impressive. Before becoming the leader of the Swedish Social party, he was Chairman of the Federation IF Metal. Academically, he has nothing. He attended high school for 2 years and did a welding course for 48 weeks. This is the knowledge of the Swedish Prime Minster.

Therefore, from today, Sweden is one of the only western countries that recognizes a country that does not exist, Palestine. Nevertheless, it is not hard to understand, with an incompetent Prime Minister without any general knowledge about mostly anything and a fanatic Islamist politican as Mehmet Kaplan it is not a surprise that Sweden decided to recognize an imaginary state without any legal foundation. I wish Mr Löfven and his government good luck and I look forward to re-elections very soon.


The Struggle for Jerusalem

Jewish Struggle in Jerusalem

Silwan in the 1800s

Kfar Shiloach – 1882

I believe that every Jew has the right to live wherever he likes in Israel and especially in the eternal Capital, Jerusalem. To divide Jerusalem into different areas, West and East, is a political mistake and it can only harm the future of Jerusalem. Jerusalem is and will always be the Capital of Israel and for the Jewish nation. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees with this approach and among them the Muslim population in Jerusalem. They believe in the part of Pirkei Avot that says “What is mine is mine and what is yours is mine” (Chapter 5:10). They feel that they have the right to live wherever they like in Jerusalem and they buy property wherever they like, but as soon as Jews buy property in what is today more Muslim neighborhoods they always riot. We have to remember that most of these neighborhoods were Jewish once and until today Jewish signs can be seen on most of the buildings. You can also find marks on the doorposts where the Mezuza was attached. Examples are Shimon HaTzadik, Ir David, Kidmat Zion and Kfar Shiloach. If no buildings were there in the past, at least the land was owned by Jews. Such was the case at Har HaZeytim where today the Jewish neighborhood of Ma’aleh HaZeytim and Beit Orot stand in all their pride.

Ma’ale HaZeytim

Purchases of Property

Thank G-d from the beginning of the 21st century development in the eastern part of Jerusalem has progressed a lot and more and more Jews are able to move back to areas that until Arab riots in the 1920s and 30s or 1948 were in Jewish hands. And a lot of it thanks to a few very idealistic organizations, such as ELAD-foundation and Ateret Cohanim, that are working tirelessly to buy property in the eastern parts of Jerusalem, mainly around and inside the Old City. A handful of powerful and wealthy Jews from abroad go in with funding to return what was ours to become ours again. The main sponsor behind both these organizations is Philanthropist Dr. Irvin Moshkowitz. Except helping financially to re-buy former Jewish property from Arabs and other buildings in former Jewish neighborhoods and in new areas to make the Jewish presence stronger, he also puts in a lot of resources in the establishment of Ma’aleh HaZeytim and Beit Orot at Mount of Olives.

Today, thank G-d we, the Jewish people, have a strong presence in many parts of Eastern Jerusalem. Mostly thanks to Ateret Cohanim we have a lot of Jewish families living in what is called the Muslim Quarter in the old city of Jerusalem. We also have more and more families living in the Christian and Armenian quarters. The most famous institution in the Muslim Quarter is Yeshivat Ateret Cohanim headed by Rabbi Shlomo Aviner. Elad foundation is mostly active in the areas surrounding the Old city.

New Jewish family moving into their home in KFar SHiloach


Today in Jerusalem

As I mentioned in the first paragraph not everyone, especially Arabs, agree and respect Jewish population in former Jewish neighborhoods where primarily Arabs stole the property from the Jewish owners, both before 1948 during the many pogroms in Jerusalem and also afterwards. Today thank G-d more and more families are able and willing to move to areas where there now live more Arabs than Jews. Ateret Cohanim have established Torah institutions in some of these areas and Torah can be heard all day long. Last month 9 new families moved into Kfar Shiloach and there are more to come. However, everything has its price.


Arab Violence

As we know Arabs buy property everywhere in Jerusalem and you will not find Jews fighting with them or threatening them. They feel that they have the right to live wherever they like. So if they can, why can’t they let us do the same? Since the silent Intifada started at the beginning of Israel’s defense war in Gaza not many days have passed by without any terror related attacks against Jews in Jerusalem.  When the new families moved into their homes in Kfar Shiloach some days ago, it had to be in the middle of the night, since it is safer that way. Private security guards and soldiers had to protect them from dangerous Arabs. This is not only true in Kfar Shiloach. Mostly in any place in Eastern Jerusalem, including the Old City, Arab violence is serious. Children can’t play outside, you always need guards to protect you, you have to travel in protected cars with special windows etc. Even in the gated community of Ma’aleh HaZeytim the Arabs attacked with Molotov cocktails etc. This is never an issue for Arabs living in areas like Rechavia, Talpiot, Armon Hanatziv etc. During the Holiday of Succot no less than 8 terror attacks happened in areas in Eastern Jerusalem against Jews.

Muslim Violence

The Brave Jews

A lot of people tell us that we are brave living in Har Hevron, but what is that, if you compare to all the brave Jewish families living in the Eastern parts of Jerusalem? If not for them and the strong organizations behind them Jerusalem would not be what it is today. They unite Jerusalem, they defend the boarders of our Holy City and they do it with a lot of self-sacrifice. Can you imagine not being able to walk on the streets, take the car wherever you like, let your kids play in the playground and always look behind your back wherever you walk? This is their daily life and they do it for the Jewish Nation. Thanks to them Jerusalem is united. May we all pray for their wellbeing and may HaShem protect them in any way needed.


Some thoughts about Lech Lecha

Lech Lecha – In G-d we trust

This week’s Torah portion is not only important because of Avraham entering the Land of Israel as G-d commanded him to do. This portion also teaches us to have faith in G-d and don’t worry about the bubble we are living in. The symbolism of G-d telling Avraham to “leave your land, your father’s house to the land that G-d will show you” is that if you believe that what you are doing is right – do it. Follow your inner self and don’t be scared of what is new. Avraham left everything behind to do what G-d commanded him to do without any knowledge of what challenges that would occur during the journey that HaShem asked him and his family to do. But Avraham believed in G-d and knew that everything would be for the best.

Parasha Lech Lecha "Molnár Ábrahám kiköltözése 1850" by József Molnár - Own work (scanned). Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons -

Parasha Lech Lecha – Avraham on his way to Eretz Yisrael
“Molnár Ábrahám kiköltözése 1850″ by József Molnár – Own work (scanned). Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons -

In our days, many people are scared of the outside world, the world around us. Far too many people prefer to live in their bubble, small community and barely leave. They think that by living such a life nothing can interfere in our life and if someone asks them to do something extraordinary they hesitate to do it, since that is not a part of their regular routine. But that is not the way HaShem wanted us to be. He wanted us to go through challenges, to do things many times that we didn’t believe that we would be able to do. But H’ would never put a Jew in a situation (challenge) that he couldn’t handle. For Avraham it wasn’t easy to leave his father’s house, but H’ knew that he would manage and He blessed him. G-d is also blessing us whenever we do things He asks us to do. Every challenge comes with a blessing. So dear fellow Jews, don’t be afraid of challenges, don’t fear the outside world – challenge it.

So for all Jews who still live outside Israel in Galut – if Avraham could leave Haran and his father’s house as G-d commanded him to do, you to can leave your comfort in Galut and move home to Israel. To live in Israel is a Torah commandment, to live in Galut is not. So Lech (go) before it is too late.


The Silent Intifada

The silent intifada in our Holy City of Jerusalem

Israeli politicians try to deny it, media abroad completely ignores it and turns it into Muslim propaganda – we are talking about the silent intifada that has caused a lot of harm and death in Jerusalem since the beginning of Israel’s defense war against Hamas in the summer. Every day we are reading in Israeli media how Arabs are throwing rocks in many parts of Israel’s eternal capital Jerusalem and sometimes it is not rocks but Molotov cocktails. Jews are scared to visit the Old City and Kotel because of not knowing what action will occur. The question is not if something will happen, rather what and when. Many times a week we read on the news that Arabs are throwing rocks on the light rail train that travels in Jerusalem and then especially in the Northern Suburbs where the Muslim population is big and dangerous. The police stands with their hands in their pockets and do nothing. The question is why? And the answer is simply – don’t anger the Arabs more than you have to. And this silent intifada has now reached a new level – last Wednesday a three month old baby girl was killed by an Arab that drove his car into Givat Hatachmoshet (Ammunition Hill) Light Rail stop. Where will this end? For sure the outside world will not help Israel to fight it. The world did not condemn the terror act, instead the news headlines said that an Arab man got shot in Eastern Jerusalem.

Terror attack in Jerusalem October 2014

Terror attack in Jerusalem October 2014

We know from the past that silence never provides a solution. During both the first and second Intifada Israel tried to please the world and look what we got. Nothing!! A world that hates us more than ever and enemies that know that we will not defend ourselves. This time I hope and pray that we, the Jewish nation, will stand up for ourselves and defend ourselves in the right and only way. We have a duty to protect the Holy Land, the Land of Israel for now and forever.

Rosh HaShana – a few days to go

Rosh HaShana The Day of Judgement

In less than a week we will all start a new year, a sweet year that G-d willing will bring a lot of blessings upon the Jewish nation. For many people, (the pagan) New Year isn’t associated with anything positive, many people come out from this celebration with a hangover and some vague memories of promises (New Year resolutions) that they never intend to keep anyway. Unfortunately it is not only non-Jews that are celebrating this day, but also plenty of Jews, both non-religious and religious. For me it would be so much more logical to start the New Year with reflecting over what I did last year and try to improve myself during the New Year. The major reason is that we, the Jewish people, is a people of moral and ethics that you will not find in any other religion. The pagan New Year is more the opposite, people have to drink themselves so drunk to repress what they did during the past year.

Rosh HaShana in Galut

Rosh HaShana in Israel and Rosh HaShana in the diaspora are not celebrated in the same manner. The prayers in the Orthodox communities is probably similar to the prayer services in the Holy Land, Israel. So what is so different? The way people behave – outside Israel religious Jews often worry as much about what clothes to wear in shul to impress on others as how to connect with G-d. Rosh HaShana is a social gathering and prayers are often secondary. I believe that much of it depends on that many Jews in Galut don’t understand the meaning of the prayers. That is also one of the main reasons why many times you have Chazanut in major orthodox communities. The Chazan is the messenger for the whole congregation. The congregants are connecting to G-d through his beautiful tunes and songs.

Rosh HaShana in Israel

In Israel, in general the way we connect to G-d is not through expensive clothing, it is through the holy language, Hebrew. We connect with G-d with our words – each and every one of us. For sure you will find Rosh HaShana prayers in Israel with chazanut and choirs just like in Galut, but not in the same way. Even if someone doesn’t know Hebrew so well, living in Israel G-d understands his prayers without any interference. Here in Israel we have a straight connection to G-d, something that Jews outside the holy boarders of Israel miss. In the same way, especially in small G-d-fearing communities in Judea and Samaria we don’t need to dress up fancy. G-d accepts our honest prayers in a white shirt outside our pants and sandals on our feet. We are every day fulfilling G-d’s commandments to the Jewish people. We are living in the land and settling the Promised Land in the highest way possible.

So, I wish you all a good, sweet and healthy New Year. May we all reflect over what we did in the past and try to improve ourselves for the future.

More than a 300 % raise in Aliya from France

Thousands of Jews from France decide to go on Aliya

The last war against terrorism has had very good side effects for Aliya during the summer. The greater numbers of Jews immigrating to Israel during the first 6 months in 2014 came from France. More than 2500 French Jews left the growing anti-Semitism and danger behind them and moved to the one and only land for the Jewish People, Israel. This is a raise of more than 300 % since last year when “only” 812 Jews from France made Aliya during the first six months. In total we hope that more than 5000 Jews from France will make the right decision and go on Aliya during 2014.


French Jews waiting to go on Aliya during the summer 2014 (Photo credit: Erez Lichtfeld)

French Jews waiting to go on Aliya during the summer 2014
(Photo credit: Erez Lichtfeld)

France is not the only European country that has seen the Aliya numbers climbing. Many countries in Europe have felt the growing Anti-Semitism and the inhabitants there prefer to take out the Jewish life insurance (i.e. move to Israel) before it is too late. But in many countries, especially my native country of Sweden, the Jews prefer to stay and not make a lot of noise. One of the reasons is that they are very assimilated, so to leave Sweden for safety reasons is not an options, since many of them have intermarried or are tied to non-Jews in a way that it is hard to break away.

Peaceful Muslim anti-Semitic demonstration in Paris

Peaceful Muslim anti-Semitic demonstration in Paris

In France the story is a bit different. As many of us know, Islam and Muslims have caused a lot of trouble to the Jewish population in France for decades. This is actually long before the last defense war against Hamas in Gaza. Who has forgotten 2012 when a gunman shot dead a teacher and three children at a Jewish school in the French city of Toulouse? Or when Mehdi Nemmouche, 29, a French citizen who previously spent time in Syria training with jihadist militants, killed visitors at the Jewish Museum in Brussels? Not all attacks have a deadly outcome. Also On June 14, two men holding an AK-47 and a handgun reportedly approached a Paris synagogue and aimed their guns at passersby and pretended they were going to open fire and on June 4, two Jewish teenagers, ages 14 and 15, told French police that they narrowly escaped attack by four men, including one wielding an ax. Even before the war against Hamas in it was reported that 140 anti-Semitic incidents were recorded in the first three months of 2014 in France, a 40 percent increase from the same period last year — something not seen in any other Western European country.

Funeral for the terror victims from Toulouse, France 2012

Funeral for the terror victims from Toulouse, France 2012

In retrospect, I believe that those Jews who choose to do not respect their own life. But you don’t have to agree. Israel today has a growing economy and is not lacking anything for everyone to survive. For Jews from France you can find plenty of landsmen in many cities, especially Ashdod, Ashkelon and Netanya. So please if you are not one of the 2500 Jews already headed here this year, think once again about the future of you and your children and catch the next flight home to Israel before it is too late. You can survive without a baguette, cheese and wine every day. :)

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