Question: Should I say Hallel on Israeli Independence Day?

Answer: Our rabbis teach us that a new holiday must be instituted to celebrate and say Hallel upon each and every national salvation which occurs in Eretz Yisrael, and ends with independence for the Jewish people (Psachim 117a and Megilla 14). The victory of outnumbered, untrained skeletal immigrants from the holocaust and from undeveloped s’faradic countries over 7 larger invading Arab armies was militarily even more miraculous than the victory of Chanuka. There is just a disagreement whether one who doesn’t celebrate such a victory annually is a sinner mid’Oraita (from the Torah, the opinion of the Chatam Sofer, Resp. Y.D. 233) or a sinner mid’Rabanan (transgressing a rabbinical mitzvah, the opinion of the Netziv (on She’iltot, Chanuka, 26). Moreover, the Talmud (Sanhedrin 94a) teaches us that G-d wanted to make Hizkiya, king of Judea, the mashiach, but didn’t because Hizkiya did not sing His praise after they were saved from Assyria. This is written forever in the Talmud to teach us that if a similar occasion arises, we would be pretty stupid to repeat the same mistake.

If so, the question is contrarily, how can any Jew not say Hallel on Yom HaAtzma’ut?!

Answer By: Rabbi Ari Shvat

Rabbi Ari Shvat SHLIT"A

Rabbi Ari Shvat SHLIT”A

Dan Uzan HY”D a True Hero

The Murder of an Innocent Jew in Denmark, Dan Uzan HY”D

Dan Uzan HY"D

Dan Uzan HY”D

It is not often that I get personal when writing my articles on livinginisrael.info, but this time I have no choice. Dan Uzan HY”D, the Jewish hero that was murdered last night in Copenhagen, Denmark by a Muslim of course was a true hero. Thanks to Dan Uzan HY”D 80 people were saved from a guaranteed death by a member of the Islamic belief when he managed to not make it possible for the Arab to enter the Jewish Community Centre in Copenhagen and murder them. In the Community Centre, they celebrated the Bat Mitzvah of one of the members in the Jewish community.

The Synagogue in Copenhagen Denmark

The Synagogue in Copenhagen Denmark

I have known Dan for many years. We attended many Bnei Akiva camps together and he was always a person that was liked by all. A respected Jew that defended Jewish interests until his last day in life. During all his years, he was very devoted to his Jewish community in Copenhagen. Still at the age of 37, he helped to guard the community when needed, to make sure that no enemy would be able to enter the different community institutions. The same was true last night. In bitter cold, he stood outside the building to protect the people inside. Dan, thanks to your self-sacrifice 80 people were saved. May all your good deeds bring comfort to your parents and sister. Dear Dan HY”D, may you rest in peace and let us all remember your greatness and devotion.

PUtting flowers at the scene of the terror attack

Putting flowers at the scene of the terror attack

I would have loved to end everything here, but I feel a big urge to write another few realistic words, that I hope will open the eyes of many Jews across the globe and hopefully some non-Jews as well.

Dear Jews across the globe, you all know that Israel is the one and only place for you. Who needs huge houses and big luxury cars? Does it make you a better person? A house is to live in and a car is to take you from point A to point B. To always strive after more and more and compare yourself to others in childish. Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself what is more important in life: To live freely as a Jew in your own land with a little bit less or to live in luxury but where you have to hide who you are?

Therefore, before it is too late, dear brothers and sisters, take the next flight home to Israel. I would be more than happy to exchange Muslim population in the Holy Land with Jewish population and you should as well. Because anyhow, especially in Sweden the anti-Semitic cancer will grow for each day and the Swedish Government will not give any medicine to stop the growth.


Prayers that Go Straight to Heaven

Prayers In Israel Go Straight to Heaven

Kotel - Where Prayers Go Straight Up to Heaven https://www.flickr.com/photos/xavier33300/12859486384

Kotel – Where Prayers Go Straight Up to Heaven

Father in Heaven ((אבינו שבשמים  we all want to pray with a pure heart to you, in a place where our prayers reach you without any separation, where we have a direct line that connects The Jewish Nation with G-d . We want to pray in a place where everything is full of holiness and not mixed with the impurity of Galut, and that only place on earth is Eretz Yisrael. In the Holy Land our prayers go straight to Heaven. In Israel, we do not have any defined separation between man and G-d. In Israel G-d protects and listens to His people all the time. We learn from the Holy Torah that in the Land of Israel G-d protects The Jewish Nation from the beginning of the year to the end. Here we have a direct line that connects us with our creator.

In Israel, we are not distracted in the same way as in Galut of the materialism that is so important outside G-d’s palace. In Israel, we are living in a spiritual kingdom, which makes us look beyond the materialism and know that we are privileged. We can see this so easily on our holy children. The birthday blessings they give each other on their birthdays are full of holy wishes, such as to become a talmid chacham, to develop good deeds (מידות טובות) etc. In the spiritual darkness of Galut the children often bless each other to obtain material richness, if they bless each other at all. That might reflect what is important in the children’s families lives.

Small notes with Personal Prayers at The Kotel https://www.flickr.com/photos/beggs/417655368

Small notes with Personal Prayers at The Kotel

I hope and pray that G-d willing soon all prayers will go straight to Heaven. I hope, in the name of the Jewish Nation united in the Holy Land, that all Jews that are still living in the darkness of Galut and can’t see the light of G-d’s kingdom, will open their eyes very soon. G-d is sending many messages to you around the world and is asking you to come home. The latest message G-d sent you was the terror attack in France. What does it take for you to move home and move into the one and only kingdom we have, Israel?

Can you imagine what spiritual power we would have and how all our prayers would go straight to Heaven if all of you come home? Together we would bring the redemption faster than we ever thought was possible.

It Is Time to Move Home to Israel

Jews – It Is Time to Move Home

Dear Jewish brothers and sisters wherever you live,

It is time to move home to Israel once and for all. What are you waiting for? It is obvious that you do not have a future in Europe and soon the same will happen in the US as well. What are you waiting for? To use the excuse that you are Swedish or French or any other nationality and that it is your country does not work. Once and for all, you are a Jew and the only land you have legal right to is Israel. Israel is ours and the rest of the world belongs to the others.


To live in Galut is

a divine punishment and not a pleasure. For example by paying taxes in Sweden you support Muslim terrorism and Palestinians in their effort to destroy and erase the Jewish state from the map. It is enough to look – open your eyes and look around. Do not be naïve. The Swedish king walking around with a big smile wearing a Palestinian scarf or the Swedish politician Hillevi Larsson, who proudly denies Israel’s right to exist. We also need to remember the “Swedish” politician and radical Islamist, namely Mehmet Kaplan that came to Sweden as a refugee from Turkey and since he did not get a residence permit, he first stayed in Sweden as an illegal refugee. The above-mentioned people do actually not only support Muslims, but also deny Israel’s right to exist and in Sweden they do not interfere with the Muslims’ hatred and violence against the Jews. So what is your life worth in Sweden? You may have a nicer house there, a better salary and the materialistic level may be greater. But with fear of yours and your children’s lives on a day-to-day basis, what are you still doing there? It is not yet as bad as South Africa for the whites living there, but the reality will soon catch up with you. And the rest of you, living in France, England, Belgium, Italy, Holland etc. etc. the same is waiting for you. Many French Jews, thank G-d, have realized the death treating situation and move to Israel in nice numbers. Last year about 6000 made Aliya out of 600 000, 1 % of the Jewish population. Do you really believe that the terror attack in Toulouse in 2012 and the attack now in January in Paris is the end of Muslim terror? It is not. Muslim extremists, as we have learned from history, have no mercy. They kill each other and they kill others without mercy. Don’t you want your kids to feel good about being Jewish, being able to walk around with a kippa on the street, attend Jewish schools and activites and not the least go the Synagogue without fear?

Dear Jews – it is time to move home soon, before it is too late. Before you realize it Europe will be the new Middle East and Islam will be the major religion and then it is probably too late. Just like the Jews in Europe thought 70 years ago. It happened and it will happen again. The only difference is who the murder machine will be.

A Jew in Sweden or not….

A Jew in Sweden or a Swedish Jew?

A lot of people have been asking me to reflect my thoughts about what Björn Söder, deputy speaker in parliament and member of the Swedish Democrats, said a few weeks ago about a Jew being a real Swede or not. According to him, a real Jew who keeps the Jewish traditions and refuses to assimilate and destroy his Jewishness is not a real Swede. Believe me, I agree with him. We, as a Jewish nation, don’t want to be like everyone else. Our first priority is to be who we are, Jews and secondary in one or another way fit into the society where we live. But we always have to remember that we are Jews and not like the others. Sweden or France or any other country isn’t ours, we are there as guests. For a Jew to be outside Israel is a divine punishment and we have to remind ourselves that we are primarily Jews. Björn Söder helps us to remember this. Sure, the Jews who decide to assimilate and live like the non-Jews are more like the non-Jews than Jews. The ironic part is that the Swedish Democrats is the only party in Sweden that supports Israel and tries to defend the Jews in Sweden and try to push their need for security. The rest of the Swedish Parlament is more or less anti-Israel and anti-Jewish. These people are crying out over Björn Söder’s so called anti-Semitism, when them themselves wouldn’t mind to erase Israel from the map (as some already have done) and recognize a Palestinian state as the Swedish government did some time ago.

Björn Söder, deputy speaker in parliament and member of the Swedish Democrats

Björn Söder, deputy speaker in parliament and member of the Swedish Democrats

Maybe I am an anti-Semite as well, since I also believe that a Jew is primarily Jewish and not part of the land where he temporarily dwells. If a Jew starts to feel too comfortable then he will assimilate and be that kind of a Jew Björn Söder is talking about. Obviously I do think, though, that Jews should be as welcome in Sweden as any other person.

No more Israel according to Hillevi Larsson

No More Israel According to the Swedish Socialist Political Party

As most of you probably remember, a month or so ago the former Swedish socialist government announced that they recognize Palestine as a state, like any other state. The difference is that they don’t have an official country and no government body. But if someone was worried that they didn’t have a state, you don’t have to worry any longer. Not only did the Swedish government recognize this fictive state, this state also received the land area that until now, according to International law has been Israel. What do I mean by this? you may ask, and the question is legitimate.

Hillevi Larsson is smiling with a nice smile with the Palestinian flag in one hand and hugging the map of Palestine!!

Hillevi Larsson is smiling with a nice smile with the Palestinian flag in one hand and hugging the map of Palestine!!

The Swedish parliament member Hillevi Larsson from the Socialist Party headed by Stefan Löfven and very influenced by the Islamist and former illegal immigrant Mehmed Kaplan received an award for her contribution to Palestinian rights in Malmö in Southern Sweden some days ago. The award was a placate of Palestine inside the boarder of Israel. We are not talking about the West Bank – no, the whole of Israel. The state of Israel is completely erased from the map. And Hillevi Larsson is smiling with a nice smile with the Palestinian flag in one hand and hugging the map of Palestine. This is Sweden today!! Not only do they recognize Palestine as a state, but they have also decided to make Israel disappear.

Thank G-d this Swedish Socialist Party lost power last week, after two months in power they had to resign, and hopefully the next government will recognize Israel’s right to exist like most Western democratic countries. I actually think that Sweden and its current government is the only one that does not recognize Israel’s right of existence among the Western World democracies. There is a huge step between recognizing Palestine and erasing Israel totally from the map. No excuses are valid for the behavior of Hillevi Larsson and her political party, the Swedish socialist party.



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