18000 Jews showed up at the funeral of Lone Soldier Nissim Sean Carmeli

Fallen Lone Soldier but not forgotten

Nissim Sean Carmeli HY"D murdered last Sunday by terrorists

Nissim Sean Carmeli HY”D murdered last Sunday by terrorists in Gaza

Nissim Sean Carmeli was one of the 13 soldiers that lost his life in the war against terrorism on Sunday in Gaza. What makes Sean different from other soldiers in this battle is that he is a Lone Soldier, which means that he has no parents in Israel. He has two sisters, but that is also the only family he has in Israel. Now we will see again how unique our nation is. The Jewish nation is always striving for unity. To show appreciation and to mourn with the family more than 18000 Israelis showed up at the funeral that started at 11 pm in Haifa yesterday night. 18000 strangers felt connected to this holy soldier that fought for the Jewish nation in our Holy Land. This unity I am sure that you will not find in any other place and that also includes Jewish communities abroad that would stand up and respect a stranger like this. It was so many people at the funeral that not everyone was able to enter. Many had to stand outside the cemetery. People traveled from every corner of the country to Haifa to show their respect and unity as a nation against the war of terrorism and to appreciate what Nissim Sean Carmeli did for his and all Jews’ country, Israel.

More than 18,000 attended the funeral of Lone Soldier Sean Carmeli HY "D in Haifa yesterday.

More than 18,000 attended the funeral of Lone Soldier Sean Carmeli HY “D in Haifa last night.

It is not only private people that unite together in Israel. Nissim Sean Carmeli was a lone soldier and a big soccer fan of Maccabi Haifa. Unfortunately the team players couldn’t attend because of a trip in Europe, but they called upon their supporters to attend the funeral and so they did.

This shows once again how strong Jewish unity is in Israel, something that you rarely will see outside the Jewish homeland. As I have mentioned before, in Israel we are the Jewish nation – brothers and sisters, but as soon as we leave the holy soil we often dissolve as a nation and become individual Jews.

A Succah Pergola we wanted and we got more than we asked for!

Avner Tzuberi the best Succah pergola builder we ever met

I would like to introduce you to Avner Tzuberi, a person that has helped us making our home in Maon, Har Hevron to our dream home.

Even though we are living in a fairly large house according to Israeli standards, a Pergola really added extra space to the house during the summer. Ours is first of all built as a Succah (Kosher for Succot) so when this beautiful holiday comes around we actually aren’t obligated to do anything to our Succah to make it suitable for the holiday. Kosher walls are there as well as the roof (סכך) which makes it a Succah. The idea to build our pergola this way came from Avner Tzuberi, with more than 20 years of experience in the building industry.To build a pergola that is also a kosher succah we saw as a real challenge. as we come from outside Israel where we know high building standards and high quality, we challenged Avner to build not only a Succah pergola that we could, but also an outdoor room that we could use as a playing area for the children, an outdoor office for me and a dining area both for weekdays, but also where we could host a lot of people on Shabbat, holidays and other occasions. Now we have had the outdoor room and Succah for more than two years and not one single time have we regretted that we used Avner to build it for us. Except the Succah pergola he has also built our outdoor storehouse. Except the outdoor work he has done for us, he has also helped us to fix everything else that needs to be fixed in a new home.

pergola2 pergula1  storage

We also trusted him to arrange for our new kitchen cabinets and kitchen counter among other things.


So if you are looking for a trustworthy person that knows how to provide the best service possible with exceptional results, I can only suggest Avner. I don’t like to praise people, but he is an exception to most Israeli handymen I have met.

For information about Avner in Hebrew and what he can do for you please visit: http://pergulatzuberi.wordpress.com/

You can also reach him on phone: 0528308452


Live in Israel and be protected as a Jew

It is important to live in Israel

A common question during the past couple of weeks has been if we are not scared to live in Israel and the answer is no. First of all, we know that G-d protects the Jewish people in the Chosen Land, the land of Israel, something that can’t be taken for granted in any other place on earth. Sure, at the moment Israel is not only fighting Hamas in the Gaza strip, but also terrorists that fire from other neighboring countries – Lebanon, Egypt and Syria. This exact situation isn’t very common, but as we all know, Israel is always under some kind of threat from their neighboring countries or the different terrorist groups operating there. Many times this is out of state control. The only real exception is Hamas in Gaza, since they rule in this small strip and keep the population a stranglehold.

There Muslim Rioters surrounded Abarbanel Synagogue in 11th arrondissement and threw rocks inside

There Muslim Rioters surrounded Abarbanel Synagogue in 11th arrondissement and threw rocks inside

Even in the current situation I prefer to stay in Israel and be a part of my people. I believe that to run away to my place of birth, Sweden, is much more dangerous than staying in G-d’s Promised Land. To be a Jew in Sweden, or any other country in Europe today, is life threating and you don’t have any government to protect you. Not that they don’t want to, but often they are too scared of the consequences from anti-Israeli groups in their home countries. The last example of a real anti-Semitic attack in Europe was the one in Paris, France this past Sunday. There Muslim Rioters surrounded Abarbanel Synagogue in 11th arrondissement and threw rocks inside. And not long time ago a French Muslim attacked the Jewish museum in Brussels and murdered four people. At least in Israel we know that attacks can happen and thanks to a strong Israeli army we are prepared for it. I say thank G-d I live in Israel together with my family and know that life in Israel is the only Jewish life insurance we have. G-d will protect us here forever.

Everyone please pray for the Israeli soldiers and their safety in the war against terrorism

Israeli soldiers on call

For the past few weeks more than 20 000 out of approximately 40 000 Israeli soldiers have been called up in Israel either for standby or to join up with their units around the country.  Some of them went straight to the Gaza border, others up North to the Lebanon border and many combat soldiers are now training for a ground invasion of Gaza. These people are not only reserve soldiers in the Israel army, but they are also sons, fathers and husbands. I can’t even imagine the feeling of a wife of one of those brave men receiving a phone call that he has to leave the family behind now. Not only his wife, but also his children, and who knows when he will see them again. And it is not in 12 hours but usually straight away. You can’t prepare for such a situation, because until it is real you don’t think it will happen.


Israeli Soldiers close to Gaza. Ready to fight for the Jewish people

Israeli Soldiers close to Gaza. Ready to fight for the Jewish people

Also in our community husbands had to leave their families behind and the only thing they know is that the man will not be back home until at least 2 weeks from the call. These Israeli reserve soldiers are sacrificing so much to protect the country together with the regular soldiers. The big difference is that all of them have already finished their mandatory army service and have in most cases already established families and joined the work force. I just hope that all of them will come home safe again and I pray to G-d that this scenario will never happen again. Not only for Israel’s own security, but also for the families where husbands, brothers and sons have to go out in war to protect the country. I pray to G-d that He will protect our soldiers, to give them the courage and strength to finish this mission once and for all.

May we all pray for peace in Israel soon and may we all have learnt a lesson from the disengagement in Gaza 2005. Let us all say NEVER AGAIN!

Code red sirens even in Har Hevron

Code Red sirens on Shabbos

For us Jews that are living in communities in Judea and Samaria, code red sirens have been something very rare. Before the last attack by the Hamas led Palestinians in Gaza we in Maon had never heard the sirens here. Remember, we are not so far away from Gaza and we are at the edge of Negev, barely 40 km north of Be’er Sheva.

But this past Thursday evening, just after we had put the children to sleep, the sirens sounded in this peaceful part of the country as well. First I didn’t realise what it was, since it was so not realistic, it had never happened before, but fast enough we gathered together the kids and put them in the safety room that we have at home. After 10 minutes in an air tight room it was very nice to get out and get some air again.

ready to  go - here's missiles from Gaza Photo: IDF

ready to go – here’s missiles from Gaza
Photo: IDF

So suddenly the reality had caught up with us. We are “used to” stones and Molotov cocktails, but not code red sirens. The rest of the night was peaceful, just the sound of a lot of air traffic but no more alarms. Not on Friday either and as I wrote yesterday we actually spent some nice hours at a playground at Zim center, about 10 families from Maon. But then suddenly on Shabbos afternoon during a walk in the community we heard the sirens again and very fast we gathered together and ran into the office building to take cover. Thank G-d nothing happened, but it was very scary and it affectedour childrenvery much andevenus. So now I can in some way understand the Jews living close to the Gaza border, their daily fear and I really appreciate what they are doing for the Jewish people and the land by living next to one of the most dangerous places on earth. We are in some ways sitting in similar situations. Thanks to the brave Jews living close to the Gaza border the Palestinian terrorists haven’t had the chance to really infiltrate and cross the border into Israel. The same way the Jews living in Judea and Samaria are in many ways protecting the citizens of Israel that live in more central parts of the country by being a solid stop block that largely makes it almost impossible for Palestinian terrorists to come too close to other parts of Israel.

May G-d protect all Jews in Israel.

A community trip to a palyground in Arad

A few relaxing hours in a playground in Arad

Yesterday Friday about 10 families from Moshav Maon decided to travel down to the desert town of Arad and Zim center, about 25 minutes away from our home community. Zim center is a big and quite new shopping center at the entrance to Arad. Except a lot of shops, restaurants, coffee shops, and a super market they also have a very big and nice playground for children. This playground in Arad was the purpose for the communal trip. Even though we, thank G-d, have had most of the days without red code alarms, the tension is still high in Har Hevron. People are not traveling on the roads if you don’t have to and many cars have been hit with huge stones and Molotov cocktails in an area of Judea and Samaria that is usually peaceful. Only from our little community at least two cars have seen their windows been broken and one family barely escaped the rioting Arabs.

Some of the children from Maon in a Playground in Arad

Some of the children from Maon in a Playground in Arad

Anyway, the road down to Arad is usually without any surprises and the same was on Friday. For the kids this trip to the playground in Arad was excellent, just to get out from the community of Maon and be able to play in some other place. In total there were about 25 – 30 kids from small babies to children age 12. At the playground all shadowed they played for some good hours before it was time to travel back to Har Hevron and Maon. For many of the adults it was also great. In shift the parents could do some shopping at the shopping center and buy food in the super market when other adults looked after the children. This is something very unique with community life, that even when leaving the community on a trip people are looking after each other’s children and the children are mostly happy to stay even if their parents have to leave for some time.

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