No more Israel according to Hillevi Larsson

No More Israel According to the Swedish Socialist Political Party

As most of you probably remember, a month or so ago the former Swedish socialist government announced that they recognize Palestine as a state, like any other state. The difference is that they don’t have an official country and no government body. But if someone was worried that they didn’t have a state, you don’t have to worry any longer. Not only did the Swedish government recognize this fictive state, this state also received the land area that until now, according to International law has been Israel. What do I mean by this? you may ask, and the question is legitimate.

Hillevi Larsson is smiling with a nice smile with the Palestinian flag in one hand and hugging the map of Palestine!!

Hillevi Larsson is smiling with a nice smile with the Palestinian flag in one hand and hugging the map of Palestine!!

The Swedish parliament member Hillevi Larsson from the Socialist Party headed by Stefan Löfven and very influenced by the Islamist and former illegal immigrant Mehmed Kaplan received an award for her contribution to Palestinian rights in Malmö in Southern Sweden some days ago. The award was a placate of Palestine inside the boarder of Israel. We are not talking about the West Bank – no, the whole of Israel. The state of Israel is completely erased from the map. And Hillevi Larsson is smiling with a nice smile with the Palestinian flag in one hand and hugging the map of Palestine. This is Sweden today!! Not only do they recognize Palestine as a state, but they have also decided to make Israel disappear.

Thank G-d this Swedish Socialist Party lost power last week, after two months in power they had to resign, and hopefully the next government will recognize Israel’s right to exist like most Western democratic countries. I actually think that Sweden and its current government is the only one that does not recognize Israel’s right of existence among the Western World democracies. There is a huge step between recognizing Palestine and erasing Israel totally from the map. No excuses are valid for the behavior of Hillevi Larsson and her political party, the Swedish socialist party.



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Can we find politicians that are good for anyone?

Are Politicians Good for Anyone?

I assume that we all know that there will be new elections in Israel in March 2015. This is not a regular election, but rather an election that was caused by political crises and the Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu kicking out Yair Lapid and Tzippi Livne from their offices as finance minister and justice minister.

According to my humble opinion, if a Prime Minister can’t keep together his government it is a sign of failure and he should resign immediately and let someone else from inside either the coalition or his own party Likud take over the leading role. However, this is not the case with the current Prime Minster (and many before him). Most people examine themselves to see what has gone wrong and see what they can do better next time, but not Bibi. It is not the first time he dissolves a government during his term in office. To do this self-examination is one of the main points on Rosh HaShana – to reflect over the past year and to make everything better for the year to come. But Bibi is not willing to understand that he is not capable to run the country. He is trying with all dirty tricks to prevent probably more suitable candidates to make their voices heard and the possibility to head Likud. If he is so sure about himself, why play dirty tricks and not let everyone play according to the same rules?

Bibbi - Enough is Enough. I am leaving office and let someone else take over.

Bibbi – Enough is Enough. I am leaving office and let someone else take over.

So, are politicians good for anyone, especially in this case, Bibi? No, he wants power and he is using all kinds of tricks to stay in power, even though he knows that Israel needs a change. You can’t one day “go to bed” with the anti-religious parties and the next day have a romantic dinner with the ultra-orthodox. You can’t one day kiss Yair Lapid’s feet and the next day stab him in the back and prepare a Glat Kosher meal for the Chassidim. I know that it is politics, but when destruction is the only thing that gets out from this dirty game, it is time to open your eyes, Bibi. If you want well for Israel, step down, and let someone with a broader view who cares about the future of Israel, lead the country. To understand your own faults and step down is not a defeat, it is a sign of maturity.

So again, are politicians good for anyone? Yes, when they understand when they have nothing more to contribute with or when more harm is caused than good and then they step down.

Palestinian Refugees a new Swedish dilemma

Sweden’s Contribution to Palestinian Refugees

As most of you have already heard, Sweden recognized the independent Palestinian state some weeks ago according to what they call international law. This means that according to the Swedish government Palestinian refugees are something from the past. Sweden is one of the biggest contributors for the Palestinian sake and annually give about $55 million to UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees). (As we remember from the last war in Gaza, it was in their schools that Hamas kept a lot of weapons and rockets aimed for civilian Israelis).


UNRWA - a Terror organization sponsored by Sweden with $55 million yearly

UNRWA – a Terror organization sponsored by Sweden with $55 million yearly

But Sweden must have a big dilemma now. I am sure that the anti-Israeli Swedish leftwing government never thought about the scenario when they can’t contribute more to something that they officially said doesn’t exist any longer, Palestinian refugees. You cannot be refugees if you have your own state and a recognized government as the Palestinians now have according to Sweden. Nevertheless, as most of us know, naiveté is not good in the end and especially not when you actually will look more stupid than you actually are. I can just wish that the $55 million that Sweden now can re-use since they do not have any Palestinian refugees to give the money to, will be dedicated to protect the Jews still living in Sweden under continuous threat. But if they decide that it is not important to protect the Jews in Sweden, maybe at least they can start a small fund to give money to the Jews in Muslim countries that had to flee when the state of Israel was established in 1948 and were not allowed to bring anything with them.

The new Palestinian Flag

The new Palestinian Flag


Anyway, as most of you probably know now, the Swedish government, with Mehmet Kaplan, Stefan Löfven and Margot Wallström as three of the most powerful driving forces behind Israel repression and pro-Islam, will probably find new Palestinian terrorist organizations to support with the Swedish tax money.

Best Kosher Meat in Israel

To Find Good Quality Kosher Meat in Israel

Why is it so hard to find real quality meat here in Israel? For the past couple of years I have been trying hard to find some real good lamb and veal to put on my lovely BBQ. Usually in Israel the meat is tasteless and imported from many times South America. I got used to fresh healthy meat during my years on shlichut in New Zeeland. There we had fresh lamb, fed on grass and that had nice lives until it was time to slaughter them. They didn’t live in cages, they lived in the nature. And for sure you can taste the difference between industrially produced meat that you buy cheap and real meat that you can actually enjoy.

Delicious Lamb dish. Meat provided by Shochet Yonatan Gabbi

Delicious Lamb dish. Meat provided by Shochet Yonatan Gabbai

Some time ago I sat and spoke with a friend about this lack of fresh meat and he told me that in our neighbouring community they have a shochet that sells fresh meat from animals he picks himself. It didn’t take me 10 minutes to call Rabbi Yonatan Gabbai up, the shochet (and butcher), and asked him what he could offer. Never in my life have I tasted such good meat! Sure you have to pay some extra for quality meat, but I prefer to pay some extra shekels to know what I eat and to be sure that the beef I am preparing for dinner has had a good life before. As you all know, my dear readers, I usually don’t praise people when I am writing, but if you like to have the best kosher meat available in Israel I can only suggest for you to contact Yonatan Gabbai.

Rabbi Shochet Yonatan Gabbi. Best meat in Israel

Rabbi Shochet Yonatan Gabbai. Best meat in Israel


Please Bibbi – We need a Mass Transfer now…

A Mass Transfer the Only Solution to the Terrorist Problem

It is with great sorrow and anger I am writing the following post, after everything that has been happening in Israel lately.

golda meir

A mass transfer of the Arabs away from our Holy Land seems to be the only way to protect ourselves from deadly terror attacks that have become a norm in Jerusalem. Moreover, not less after today’s deadly terror attack during morning prayers in a Synagogue in Har Nof. As we all honestly know, the state of Israel hasn’t been capable to handle the Arab problem, not now and not in past at all for reasons I don’t want to speculate about here. One thing we know for sure is that Holy Jewish blood is cheap in the eyes of our leaders. Therefore, if you cannot handle or are afraid of handling the Arab problem in Israel, not only the Palestinians, the only way out is a mass transfer of Arabs from the Holy Land. So should we let any Arabs stay in Israel? This question you may answer yourselves, since I will not provide you with mine. However, is it enough to just transfer them to Sweden, a country and a political leadership that love Arabs? Rabbi Meir Kahane HY”D is quoted “If we ever hope to rid the world of the political AIDS of our time, terrorism, the rule must be clear: One does not deal with terrorists; one does not bargain with terrorists; one kills terrorists.” How to understand this statement by Rabbi Kahane is up to each one of you.


Please Bibi and the rest of the Israeli leadership, please start to think about the Jews in Israel and our safety. I want to be able to walk around freely in the Land of Israel, my homeland, the Land G-d gave to my ancestors, to me and the generations after me. Let the world scream and cry for our decision of a mass transfer of Arabs from Israel, but as you know no one will help us here. Let them cry about boycotts, but you know as well that the Western World would not survive long without Jewish and Israeli innovations.



The new terror wave in Israel

The New Terror Wave

The anger and frustration have been growing inside me for the past couple of weeks. When will this new terror wave end? What can we do to end it? Last week, just a couple of hours after the terror attack that took Dalia Lemkos life outside Alon Shvut in Gush Etzion I passed by on my way to drop of a Yeshiva boy in Har Etzion. This was actually the first time ever I have seen a terror place so close. To see the blood of an innocent Jew on the road gave me a chilling I have never felt before. The scary thing though is not this terror attack alone but all the attacks that have occurred during the past few weeks and all Jewish lives that have been lost. This new terror wave is something we have to deal with. As usual the world around us doesn’t condemn anything, since we are talking about the murder of Jews.

Place of terror attack in Alon Shvut Nov. 10th

Place of terror attack in Alon Shvut Nov. 10th

But I do see a small light, that might get brighter soon, G-d willing. This is the light of not treating the terrorists with kids’ gloves – we try to shoot them and kill them if possible. This way they will never have the possibility to perform multiple acts of terrorism or become a brick in prisoner exchange in the future. I just hope that no legal action will be taken against any of those who have killed a terrorist or have the possibility to do it when an act of terror is happening. Another light in this darkness is that Bibi and his fellows have taken their common sense together and decided to erase the houses of the terrorists (even if they are dead) that performed terror acts.

I pray that in a near future this new terror wave will end. I wish us all that all our prayers will be heard and that H’ will give us the power and strength to do His will in the best way possible. I pray that we will see it during the winter with a lot of rain that will bring goodness to the Jewish people both in רוחניות וגשמיות (spirituality and materiality). May this open our eyes to make the right choices for our future in the land of Israel.

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