Racism against Jews living in Israel

Pure racism in Israel against Jewish citizens living in Israel

I think it started about a year ago, that these red signs started to show up in different places in Judea and Samaria. They clearly state that Israeli citizens are not allowed to enter this area because it is Area A. Area A is under Palestinian control and therefore you are not allowed to enter, because it is dangerous to your life and it is against the Israeli law. One would assume that such a law applies to all citizens, but in reality it doesn’t. Israeli Arabs that are living in Israel, on the other side of the so called Green Line and are Israeli citizens are allowed to travel into these areas. Only Jews aren’t allowed to go there, because of the fact that we are Jews.

Racism in the Jewish land

Pure racism against Jews living in Israel

I would love to see what would happen if Israel suddenly decided that in Area C, that is under full Israeli control, Arabs would not be allowed to enter, because it is under Israeli control and it could be dangerous for their lives. Wouldn’t that be great, to at least to some extent be able to live without terrorists around the corner? For sure everyone would be happy. But you can only image what international media would say…

These same restrictions also appear at Har Habayit, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Even though this is the holiest place in the world for us Jews, we are not allowed access to it freely, since the State of Israel gave full control over the area to the Arabs. Isn’t it quite ironic actually, that Jews living in the Jewish state are not able to go to the holiest Jewish place here?

Another example of this injustice is that Arabs can travel freely on buses inside Israel, without fear for their life, but can you image what would happen if a Jew would travel on an Arab bus within the borders from 1967, i.e. within the internationally accepted borders of Israel? I don’t want to speculate in the outcome, but I am sure that it wouldn’t be so pleasant.

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  1. When we stayed in French Hill my husband had abuse shouted at him (even though he didn’t understand he could tell by the intonation and look on their faces), and stones hurled at him. He was dressed in black trousers and white shirt but is not Jewish. Even looking Jewish seems to incite many of them to act so hostile. So terrible.

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